Stas (prizraksz) wrote,

Jump start your Halloween week Revolution style with IVAN LENIN and Comrades, featuring PIKE , ALEX DREYSHNER , DJ SPINACH and surprise guests on Sunday, October 25th at Mehanata 113 Ludlow Street NY.NY
Watch the live show, march with the Red Square zombies, sing along the classic Soviet tunes in our Kommunist Karaoke Bar.
Don't forget your Halloween costume!
Cover: $10 at the door.

October 25th 1917. St Petersburg, Russia
The Great October Revolution forever changed the biggest country in the world. Young Soviet Russia is eager to spread the fire over the globe but first it has to struggle with domestic issues, war, poverty, hunger, education.

October 25th 1929. New York, United States
The stock market crushed, wreaking havoc with the biggest financial system in the world, instantly sending the nation into a state of panic. Millions are broke, jobless and devoid of hope. The Great Depression begins.

This country is desperate for change. And Soviets may have just the answer, to seize the opportunity and lead the people out of misery and towards the shining stars of Communism. The Great Lenin is the answer.

The only problem is, Lenin is dead.
Or is he?

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